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Who are we?

This site is an initiative by an independent international group of concerned EU citizens. Our main contributors are:

Peter Gerwinski, who is a professor of computer science (low-level IT systems) at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences. His fields of research include innovative business models for the digital world (open standards, free and open source software) as well as data protection and data privacy.

David Vuorio, who is a senior software developer. He has many years of experience within IT, including delivering cost savings and safety improvements to the aviation industry, and working for six years with delivering advanced sales solutions to heavy industry, such as Scania. He has also been a member of an ISO working group on document formats.

Ante Wessels, who is involved as an analyst with the Vrijschrift Foundation, a Dutch organisation which works on access to knowledge and digital rights. Vrijschrift creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of the public domain for our society.

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